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In this book I discuss the factors that play a role in deciding whether to hit or not. First, I introduce basic concepts with the help of very simple early game positions; whenever possible they are presented with easy-to-remember rules of thumb.
I then apply these concepts to positions deeper into the game. The book also contains many quiz positions with detailed 

solutions to enhance the reader’s understanding of the various topics I cover.

I have to admit that I chose the topic in part out of self interest, since I noticed that many of my biggest checker play blunders involved hitting. Perhaps this is because hitting often leads to a completely different position type than does a quiet alternative; recognizing when hitting is correct even though it doesn’t fit into your overall game plan is especially difficult. Analyzing and writing about these situations certainly helped me improve my game, and I hope that the reader will benefit as much as I did.

Dirk Schiemann

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